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Hello fellow book lovers and caffeine addicts! 

My name is Heidi. I am a 30 something book lover living in Florida. Ever since I can remember I have always loved reading and writing. When I was a child I would write short stories just for fun. I also remember always reading a book. I loved escaping to other worlds and being immersed into other peoples stories. 

Last year, in 2017, Jesus saved me, and I renewed my faith in Christ. He has truly inspired me to create this blog, and to share my passion of reading with others. 

On this blog look forward to reviews on Christian Fiction, specifically historical fiction. There will also be Christian romances and mysteries! 

My other love is coffee and tea. You will always see me with a cup of coffee or tea in hand while I am reading! Other than reading, I enjoy traveling (that is Scotland behind me on the left!), hiking, photography, and spending time with my furbaby and Husband. 

Welcome to my blog and happy reading!










More About Me! 

Favorite book series

Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon

Favorite Coffee & Tea

  • Coffee: Soy Latte 
  • Tea: Camomile Tea

Favorite Classic Novel

1984 by George Orwell

Favorite Book to Movie Adaptation

Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien 

What book made you cry? 

Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly 

Favorite Author?

Tie between James Rollins and Diana Gabaldon 

What fantasy world would you want to live in? 

Kingdom of Narnia