5 Ways To Get Out of a Reading Slump

Reading Slump Tips

Reading slumps are no fun! However, they do happen, unfortunately. I can't count how many times I have gotten into one in the past. Don't worry though! I am sharing my 5 easy tips to get out of that dreadful reading slump to help you start reading more! These tips have worked for me, so I am sure it will work for you as well. 

Here are my 5 tips to get out of a reading slump: 

1. Start with a short book.

Preferably under 300 pages. This will ease you back into reading. Often books under 300 pages are concise, to the point, and easy to read. I would not start reading again with a book more than 500 pages. You will feel overwhelmed and might go back into that reading slump again. We wouldn't want that right?! 

2. Re-read your favorite book.

You are probably thinking, don't I need to read a new book to get out of this slump? Reading an all-time favorite will remind you of the enjoyment you get out of reading. Sit back and enjoy the story! Before you know it, you will be excited to read the next book! 

3. Organize your bookshelf.

Sometimes we get into a reading slump because well.... we have too many books. But how can that be? Don't we all want a library like Belle's from Beauty and the Beast?! I am talking about books you have not read. Books that have been on your shelf for days (maybe months!) collecting dust. I would say that if you haven't read a book in 6 mos to a year and you keep buying new books, it's safe to say the chance of reading that book is slim. There is a reason why you are not reading it. ;) When you "de-clutter" your bookshelf you will feel a sigh of relief and content. it will invigorate you and may even inspire you to pick up one of those books you have yet to read! 

4. Pick a subject that you love. 

If you love historical fiction but hate sci-fi books - don't pick sci-fi. You will feel bored and uninspired to finish it. Pick something that you love to read! You will instantly fall in love with the story and its characters. You will be out of that reading slump in no time! 

Same goes with my mood. If I am sad or just not having a good day, I don't want to come home and read a book with a depressing story. I want to read something that will pick me up! Like a romance or fun holiday story. 

5. Go Shopping! 

Yes, it's time to head to the bookstore. But wait! Don't run and start picking whatever fancies your eye. Go to Goodreads or any bookselling website and form a wishlist. Come with a list in mind so that you don't go in and impulsively buy whatever looks good on the shelf. That way you come home with books that you know that you will absolutely love and will enjoy reading. And this ties in with #1 - don't purchase more than 3 books. I know it's tempting to go in Barnes & Noble and come out with 10+ books (I know I have!) but it's important here to take baby steps. You need to start out at the shallow end, not dive right into the deep end. ;) 

So there you have it. I hope these tips help you get out of a reading slump! 

If you have ever been in a reading slump, share in the comments what has worked for you! If you tried one of the tips above, did they work for you? Share below in the comments. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Till next time.  

The Caffeinated Bibliophile