Five Recommended Authors Of Christian Historical Fiction

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Christian Historical Fiction is probably my 2nd favorite genre (general historical fiction being #1). I really enjoy Christian historical fiction because of the heartwarming stories, inspiration, and the ability to feel closer to God.

Most of the authors below are family friendly too, so if you have a teenager age 16+ some of these would be great for them! 

If you are new to the genre it can be overwhelming on where to start! If you are familiar, it's always good to branch out and read new authors.

Here are five authors I recommend that you check out!: 

Lynn Austin

Lynn Austin is an author of 12 books. She has won numerous awards including the Christy Awards during the years 2002-2004, 2008, and 2009. She has a passion for history and Archaeology which shows through her writing. Her travels to Isreal inspired her to write her novel, Wings of Refuge. One of her novels, Hidden Places, has also been made into a Hallmark movie. Did you also know that she use to be a teacher before a full-time author?! An inspiration that we can really achieve our dreams if we trust and pray in God! She currently resides in Michigan. 

I really enjoy Lynn's novels. Before researching more about Lynn, I didn't know she is passionate about history, This makes me feel like I can relate to her even more! Her novels are very inspirational and she does a great job in incorporating the word of God into the story. 

Janette Oak

Janette Oak is very popular in the Christian fiction community. She has written over 70 novels and has received numerous awards throughout the 90's continuing into the 21st century. Her Love Comes Softly series has been made into movies. And Canadian West series has been made into the popular Hallmark series, When Calls the Heart. Her novels primarily take place during the pioneer era (the late 1800s). Which I think makes her unique from the rest of the Christian historical fiction authors. 

Janette was the first author I read in the Christian Historical Fiction genre. What I love about Janette's writing is her ability to inspire others to cheirsh their family, love everyone, and turn to God when times are tough. I also adore her Love Comes Softly series (it's my favorite by the way!). The movies are equally as good and I have collected them all in my little movie collection. I highly suggest that you check them out if you haven't! I have seen the first 2 seasons of When Calls the Heart and I need to catch up on the show! 

Tracie Peterson

Tracie Peterson is also one of my favorites. She writes both historical and contemporary Christian fiction. She is an author of over 20 historical fiction series and not including her contemporary and nonfiction books. She is a country girl at heart, living in Montana as she writes her upcoming books. 

What I love about Tracie's writing is her capability to introduce readers to God, encourage, and educate readers about God's love and forgiveness. I think with her living in Montana, it greatly inspires her writing, as a lot of the book are taken place in the country. 

Julie Klassen

Before Julie became an author she was a publicist for 16 years. She primarily writes Christian historical romance. Three of her books have won the Christy awards as well as other awards in the Midwest and Minnesota. She is also a frequent writer at a blog, Inspired by Life and Fiction. 

What I love about Julie is that she interacts with her readers through Goodreads and Facebook.  I love when authors do this because you feel appreciated to be one of her readers. She also researches the history of all the places she writes about which I appreciate. It can be a pet peeve of mine when books are not exactly historically accurate. They can have a few historical faults but to have a whole book that's not accurate is an issue for me. 

Tamera Alexander

Tamara is another very popular author in the Christian historical fiction genre. She has won numerous Christy and RITA awards. She not only travels in the US for her book tours but internationally as well. Which is something you don't hear too often for US-based authors! She currently resides in Nashville. 

What I really like about Tamara is her ability to create richly developed characters. Her thought-provoking plots about God, life, love, and family is something I really enjoy reading. I also really like that she is active on her Goodreads blog and interacts with her readers. 

I hope this helped you find a new author to check out! There are much more authors of course but these 5 are my favorite to read. If you do pick out a book from one of these authors, please do share by mentioning me on Twitter! I would love to see what you reading! :) 

Hope you had a good weekend. Talk to you soon! :) 

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