Book Review & Giveaway!: This Dangerous Book by Steve & Jackie Green

This Dangerous Book Steve Jackie Green Review Giveaway

The synopsis on the back of the book: 

It is the top selling book in history. It brings social upheaval, international arguments, and political controversy. It has been used to justify both love and war. And for generations, it has found its way into the hearts of millions, offering comfort, direction, and life-changing truths.

How could one book have such power? In This Dangerous Book, Steve and Jackie Green explore the incredible history and impact of the Bible. As the founders and visionaries of the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C., the Greens have a unique perspective on the Bible’s journey—from its ancient beginnings to its effect on the moral fiber of nations, to its transformative influence in individual hearts.

The Greens share the challenges they have faced in acquiring biblical artifacts from around the world and why generations—in every time period and in every geographical location—have risked their lives to preserve this precious book.

Exploring ancient tablets, medieval commentaries, and modern translations, This Dangerous Book offers a fascinating insight into the miracles and martyrdoms that have led to the Scriptures we read today. The Greens explore how cutting-edge technology gives new insight into the authenticity of the Bible, including the work of fifty scholars who recently uncovered hidden details about thirteen unpublished Dead Sea Scroll fragments. This Dangerous Book also looks at the link between the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, what we can learn from how the Bible was passed down to us, and why God’s Word is foundational to America’s past and crucial for its future.

The Bible is a world-changer and a heart-changer. Whether you have read the Bible for years or are simply curious about its influence, This Dangerous Book could change your heart as well.

  • Genre: Christian Non-Fiction
  • Pages: 229
  • Published: 2017
  • No rating on Goodreads but 5 Stars on Amazon. 
It is Christ Himself, not the Bible, who is the true word of God. The Bible, read in the right spirit and with the guidance of good teachers, will bring us to him.
— C.S. Lewis
This Dangerous Book Steve and Jackie Green Review

First Thoughts

As a history buff, I was intrigued by the premise of this book. If I am ever given the chance to learn more about our history, specifically Biblical history, I'll jump on it! I really liked how easy it was to read and how Steve and Jackie made it feel like they were personally talking to me. I also like the size of the book. I know this is sometimes odd to point out, but this one is important to me in non-fiction books. Short concise non-fiction books are usually more my jam than longer ones. 

I also really liked how Steve and Jackie Green went into the process of them collecting biblical artifacts and how the Museum of the Bible came to be. If you haven't heard already, The Museum of the Bible opened up just the other week in Washington D.C. Steve and Jackie are the founding family of this museum. I have always wanted to go take a trip up to Washington D.C. now that I live closer, and this made me want to book a trip even more! 


In any non-fiction book, it is important for the author to get across their message clearly. Steve and Jackie Green did just that. I was really impressed by how they explained how the Bible has shaped our lives in more than just history but also in our personal lives. 

One day- but there’s no hurry- you may come to read the Bible. Nowhere else will you find so many stories about ancient times so vividly told.
— E.H. Gombrich, A little History of the World

Final Thoughts

I was really impressed by the research Steve and Jackie Green did on this book. I learned quite a bit of history and information in this book. Did you know that between 1815 and 1975 2 billion copies of Bibles were printed, sold, or distributed? The Bible has been translated into over 1500 languages. It is clearly the most sold/read book in history. 

In the book, it goes onto how the Bible shaped our nation (the U.S.) and how it impacted major historical events such as The Civil War and the Martin Luther King civil rights movement. I found those parts particularly interesting! 

I also appreciated how Steve and Jackie revealed little snippets of their life, and how the Bible impacted them through the life choices they had to make. Especially, the story of their adoption was just the sweetest. 

One of my most favorite things in the book where the graphics in the middle of the book. It highlights pictures of artifacts that the Green's have obtained throughout the years. It also shows pictures of their exhibits held throughout the world before the Museum of the Bible was built. In the back, there are pictures of maps of the middle east. One interesting map is what it looked like at the time of Jesus. I was really intrigued by this. I always have enjoyed looking at maps! Am I not the only one? ^_^

Would I recommend?

Definitely! I think this would be a great gift this season to any who are Christians. I also think this would be great for anyone who wants to get to know the Bible more and how impacts our world today and how it did in the past. 


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I hope you enjoyed my review of This Dangerous Book! I think you will love it if you decide to pick it up and read it! 

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