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My name is Heidi, the writer of this blog. If you are here, I am assuming you love books too! And maybe a little addicted to caffeine. ;) 

I started this blog because I am passionate about reading and inspire others to read more often. On this blog, you can expect book reviews, book recommendations, to-read lists, and much more! 

What genres do I love to read? I am glad you asked because I don't want you to stick around if what I read is not your cup of tea! I generally read historical fiction, romance, and mysteries. I also read Christian Historical Fiction quite a lot. I find that not too many bloggers cover this genre, so I hope that it will add a nice addition to the book blogging community! 

Other than reading, I enjoy traveling, photography, hiking, and coloring in adult coloring books. And of course, I love a good cup of coffee or tea! 

Now introduce yourself in the comments and tell me something about yourself! 

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