New & Upcoming Christian Fiction Authors

new and upcoming christian fiction authors

We all love reading books from our favorite well established writers. They provide consistent quality and almost never let us down. However, we should also appreciate books from new authors. We all have to start out somewhere! I also think there are hidden gems in newly established authors.

I consider an author to be new if they have less than 5 books published within the last few years. 

Here are 5 new and upcoming Christian fiction authors: 

Heidi Chiavaroli

An author with the same name as mine has to be good right?! ^_^

Heidi debuted her first novel, Freedom's Ring this last August. Her first book was picked for the booklist top ten romance debut. Heidi puts extensive research into her books and I appreciate when authors do that for historical novels. On her website, you can see all the pictures of her research. What is also unique about her novels is that she writes in dual time periods. I always like reading books with two different time periods. It makes the story extra interesting! She also has an inspiring publishing journey on her website that you must read! 

Heidi's books: 

Catherine West

Catherine West is an inspirational contemporary Christian romance author. She grew up in a Christian home and aims to inspire readers to follow Christ in her books. She currently writes from her home in Bermuda with her adorable furbaby, Noah. Catherine is very friendly with her fans on Facebook and even has a Facebook group to discuss her books. 

Catherine's books: 

Brennan McPherson

Brennan writes dark biblical fiction. He writes fiction books based off of characters from the Bible. For example, Cain, Adam, and Noah. Brennan has been interviewed on The 700 - how awesome is that for a new author? He also has an active blog and writes to inspire readers about faith and art. While writing he works for a non-profit organization. What I found interesting about Brennan is that he is not that active on social media but his books are selling well. This goes to show that a website is truly what matters in terms of marketing!  What I like about Brennan's books is how simple but impactful the covers look. They just beg me to want to know more! 

Brennan's books: 

Kristy Cambron

Kristy Cambron writes Christian historical fiction. Her books are primarily set during the 20s and WWII era. Kristy's website is so gorgeous and she truly puts effort to set herself apart from other authors and create an amazing brand. She also writes Bible studies and travels across the US encouraging women to experience the Word through verse mapping. She truly is an inspirational lady with equally gorgeous books! 

Kristy's books: 

Laurie Lucking

Laurie is a brand new author. She just published her first book this year! Her first book, Common is a Christian YA fantasy inspired by the fairytale Cinderella. Her next book, Threshold will be released in the spring. When I came across Laurie's website, I was so happy to see that she also loves Scotland because her website header has a picture of the Edinburgh castle. Her website is also just adorable. It's always nice finding a Christian YA author because there aren't too many! 

Laurie's book: 

I hope you found some new authors to check out! They definitely deserve the buzz. It's hard getting your feet out there as a new author, and we should support them! 

Have you read any of these books, and if so what did you think of them? Share in the comments! 

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