5 Tips For Shopping Smarter At The Bookstore

5 tips for shopping smarter at the bookstore

The bookstore is probably my top favorite store. I could spend hours in there! And if not careful come back with a handful of books - on impulse buy. I am guilty of doing this - a time or two. However, I also like to try to stick on a budget when going to the bookstore. Like any other store, it’s important to stick on budget and plan because you might come home with a duplicate or a copy of a book that you had no idea why you bought in the first place (cover envy - that’s what it was ^_^).

Here are 5 tips to help you shop smarter at the bookstore:

Stick With A Budget

It’s so easy to go into a bookstore and be sucked into the book vortex. Your mind goes blank and you pick every book that looks pretty. Soon you come out with 20 books. Well maybe, not that much but you catch my drift. Go in with a budget- say $50 and challenge yourself to stick with only spending up to that amount. A good tip is making a list of books that are on your TBR. So you are only sought after certain books.

If you are really on budget, try the cash only method. I have seen the cash challenge on YouTube and Instagram a few times. It’s where you only use cash to purchase items- to help stick with your budget. Leave your CC at home and try only bringing cash. When you only have a certain amount in your wallet, it’s easier to stick on budget!

It’s OK To Splurge- But Only Once In A While

This ties into what I just gave a tip on. It’s OK to buy a few books at the bookstore every now and then. However, it’s books that you have a desire to purchase and know that you will read and enjoy. I definitely don’t go on a huge splurge every time in the bookstore (it’s hard - sooo hard) but I do enjoy a few times throughout the year purchasing 5+ books.

5 tips for shopping smarter at the bookstore

Be Realistic

As a book blogger I get sent a lot of books. I also purchase more than the average reader. Kind of like a fashion blogger that probably has a bigger wardrobe than most. It’s what we are passionate about. It’s what we blog about. With that being said, be realistic about your space and how much you really read.

A lot of us live in small apartments or houses with limited space. As much as we would all love to have a huge library, some of us don’t! And I am here to say it’s OK if you don’t have a huge room with endless bookshelves. I am blessed to have the room to do so, but I know others are not. Therefore, be mindful of the space you have.

Also, be realistic with how much you read. I wouldn’t suggest purchasing 20 books at the bookstore when in realty you only read 1 book a month. To stay on budget, try buying only 2 books at a time. And don’t return to the bookstore until after reading those books.

Know What You Like

This is kind of a reading tip as well. Know which genre’s you like to read before heading to the bookstore. As pretty as those Sci-Fi covers are- do you really enjoy reading them? I have definitely fallen victim to how pretty the cover looks. However, then I realize that those books often stay on my TBR the longest.

Sales, Sales, Sales

This can either be good or bad. A pro for a sale is that you often save money on books. A con - is that your mind gets tricked into thinking everything is cheaper - so why not buy more? Have a plan when there is a huge book sale. Make a list of potential books you would like to purchase and also use the first tip- go in with a specific dollar amount. Sales can be a challenge to shop, but not impossible. If you are prone to overspending, I would not recommend shopping a sale.

I have also written a blog post on where to find Christian books for less! You can read it —> HERE.

I hoped this has helped you! How do you stay on budget when it comes to purchasing books? Share in the comments!

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