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keturah lisa bergren book review

The synopsis on the back of the book:

In 1772 England, Lady Keturah Banning Tomlinson and her sisters find themselves the heiresses of their father's estates and know they have one option: Go to the West Indies to save what is left of their heritage.

Although it flies against all the conventions for women of the time, they're determined to make their own way in the world. But once they arrive in the Caribbean, proper gender roles are the least of their concerns. On the infamous island of Nevis, the sisters discover the legacy of the legendary sugar barons has vastly declined--and that's just the start of 
what their eyes are opened to in this unfamiliar world. 

Keturah never intends to put herself at the mercy of a man again, but every man on the island seems to be trying to win her hand and, with it, the ownership of her plantation. She could desperately use an ally, but even an unexpected reunion with a childhood friend leaves her questioning his motives. 

Set on keeping her family together and saving her father's once-great plantation, can Keturah ever surrender her stubbornness and guarded heart to God and find the healing and love awaiting her?

  • Genre: Christian Historical Fiction
  • Pages: 350 
  • Published: 2/2018
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.07 Stars
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Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others.
— Colossians 3:13

Why I choose this book

I was approached by TLC Book Tour to review this book on my blog and giveaway a copy of this book! And when I heard it was a Christian historical fiction book, I knew I could not pass it up! 

First Initial Thoughts

The story starts off with Keturah finding out that her father's sugar plantation on the island of Nevis in the West Indies is deteriorating after her father's passing. Keturah and her two other sisters, Selah and Verity decide to embark to the West Indies to restore their father's estate. This is very untraditional of this time period. Many women were not expected to go oversee an estate, rather relying on a man to restore it. I liked that the story started off in a non-traditional way. 

Besides Keturah, I really liked her sister Verity. She was the adventurous, spunky type and loved animals. She even brought on her own pet falcon, Brutus! I loved that she had a mind of her own and stuck up for her beliefs. 

Grey a former love of Keturah came upon the same predicament with his own family and embarks on the same ship as the three sisters. At first, I found his character kind of "flat" and I didn't really connect with him right away. I found that Keturah was kind of cold to him at first. We weren't quite clear at first what caused their rift, but I really wanted Keturah to be more kind and forgiving towards him. But I also could see her reasons. 

I liked the captain of the ship, partially because he was Scottish and secondly because he was more of a gentleman than most captains portrayed in novels. 


Lisa did an amazing job bringing the Caribbean to life. I could perfectly imagine the island, estate, and the deterioration that the three sisters came upon. Lisa wrote in a way that connected the reader with the characters and makes us yearn for more.  

And yes - Nevis Island is a real place! 

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And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
— 1 Corinthians 13:13

Final Thoughts

What I appreciated about this story is that it continued at a good pace. I could not put it down! 

I was worried at first with them embarking on the ship and having it be half of the book and only half or less of the book dedicated on the plantation. But I was pleasantly surprised when the time on the ship was only a few pages. This gave readers time to soak in the setting of the plantation and the true meaning of the story. Though I think the time on this ship was setting up the plot later on.  

Keturah grew throughout the story and learned that forgiveness is what she truly needed to move on from her past. Forgiveness, in general, was a huge theme in this book. Grey and Keturah- I just loved them! They kind of reminded me of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Keturah being hard headed and stubborn and Grey being dashingly handsome but also proud. 

What I really liked is the whole setting of this book. Not most Christian books have a book set during this time period in the Carribean - especially with three women being strong leads in the story. 

I am excited to see how the other books go in the series. I think it will be a fantastic series! 

Would I recommend? 

Yes! Most definitely. I think just about anyone would enjoy this book! 


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