Why It's Important to Read Christian Fiction

Why Reading Christian Fiction Is Important

You all know that I love Christian fiction! It's the main genre that I review here on the blog. I just LOVE it! So why is it important to read Christian fiction? 

That is what I am going to cover below! 

Here are 5 reasons why it's important to read Christian fiction: 

It helps you understand the Word better

Often times when I read the Bible it's hard to understand it in a real-life perspective. How can I apply the word in everyday situations? I think Christian fiction helps with that. For example, in Counted with the Stars it gives the reader another perspective of Exodus. We all know how the Hebrews felt but how did the Egyptians feel? When you have a deeply written story on a particular subject in the Bible, it helps you understand it better - and most of all, it's meaning. 

To be inspired

Christian fiction inspires me to continue my faith. Through the inspiring stories in these books, it further motivates me to continue my faith in God. I think to have a good example how God changed their life, whether it is fiction or not, it motivates you to want the same. 

Also, some of these stories is just inspiring in of itself! For example, the last book I reviewed, The Masterpiece, was an inspiring story of two people who experienced just the absolute worst childhood, recovered and healed from there past. 

It gives us hope

Let's face it, we don't live in a happy go lucky world. We are constantly bombarded by the most recent natural disaster, shooting, bombings, etc. and it's just.... depressing! Christian fiction brings us to a place of peace and happiness. It reminds us that even though there are literal disasters out there, that there is Christ to remind us to keep going. We may never understand why God lets these horrid things happen, but we have to remember that God has a purpose for everything. With Christ, we are on the winning side and He is there with us always, and that comforts me. 

Sometimes you just want a good heartwarming story

I do actually read mainstream romance - shocker I know. ;) Although I am guilty of admitting reading trashy romances, I do sometimes want to read a good clean romance. I want to see two people fall in love with each other without having to go to 3rd base before they get married. It's sweet in a way and something you don't often see in today's society. It also inspires those that are single to wait until after getting married. 

Which brings me too....

It helps you realize that Christians experience tragedy too

Sometimes people think that Christians are immune to tragedy and wrongdoings because they follow Christ. However, that is not exactly so. We all are the same. We experience the same emotions, experience hardships, and losses, and even tragedy. What Christian fiction helps us understand is that even through difficult times Christ will always be there with us. 


I hope this inspired you to read more Christian fiction! Also, another bonus reason to read Christian fiction is that it's just...plain good! There are so many wonderful stories out there to read. There are also different sub-genres to appeal to a wider audience. Not only do we have Christian romance but fantasy, thrillers, sci-fi, Biblical, and historical fiction. I challenge you to check out a Christian fiction book today!

Why do you love reading Christian Fiction books? Share in the comments! 

the caffeinated bibliophile