Top 5 Wednesday: Children's Books to Read as an Adult

Top 5 Wednesday Children's Books To Read as an Adult

Today's top 5 Wednesday topic is all about Children's books we should read - or re-read - as an adult! 

Children's books are so much fun - even as an adult! Why should age limit you to read such fun short stories? 

Here are 5 Children's Books to read as an adult: 

Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables is a heartwarming story of a young child who is looking for a place to call home. What she least expects to find is a family who will love her. There is a whole series - and it follows Anne as she grows up into adulthood. There have also been many movies and show adaptations of this novel. The most recent, Anne with an E on Netflix. 

Little House on the Prarie

Raise your hand if you grew up watching the TV show, Little House on the Prarie! I remember watching this show every morning before school. It was such a fun and wholesome show to watch. It was the one show that got me into historical fiction more as a child. And why aren't there any shows like this today? We need them! And yes, I did read the series of books as well! 

Sarah, Plain and Tall

Sarah answeres to an ad for a wife at a farm out west. It's a story about hope, happiness, and what makes a family. I think this is a great reminder to not take your family for granted and to love them dearly every day. 

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web is an adorable story of a child who wants to save her pet pig. It's such a beautiful story of love, life, and death. Most of all it teaches us that we should treat everyone with kindness. Especially during this time of recent tragedies, this is a great story to remind us that love is what matters. 

Winnie the Pooh

Who doesn't love Pooh and the Hundred Acre Wood? I remember reading the book as a child and then watching the television show when it was on. My favorite character was Eeyore - behind all that insecurity and sadness, he was such a kind donkey. And of course, I loved Pooh! Did you know that according to the Canadian Medical Association, each Winnie the Pooh Character symbolizes a mental disorder? It was mind-blowing when I learned that! 


What children's books do you think we should re-read as adults? Share in the comments! 

I hope you are having a wonderful week! Look forward to a book review tomorrow! 

the caffeinated bibliophile