5 Tips For Christian Fiction Beginners

5 Tips to Get Into Christian Fiction

Are you new to the Christian Fiction genre? Christian Fiction can be intimidating to some. Especially those new to the faith or use to reading mainstream fiction. Christian Fiction is different than other genres because it shares the message of Christianity. This may be uncomfortable for some.

So what if you are new to this genre and don't want to be overwhelmed by all the choices? I am here to give you some tips! 

Here are 5 tips to get you started: 

Read The Genre You Like

What kind of genre do you like to read? Do you like historical fiction? Enjoy a good mystery or thriller? There are sub-genres just for those! Of course, I review mostly historical fiction here on this blog- and you can check out my many book reviews - HERE. Stick with what you like, because that is a guarantee that you will stick with reading more Christian fiction. 

Christian Fantasy and Mystery is a Good Start

If you are brand new to the genre (yay!) and are hesitant to read Christian fiction because you are afraid that it will be too preachy - then Christian fantasy and mystery is a good place to start. These genres have Christian elements woven into imaginative and futuristic storylines. Think Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings. There are so many amazing books in this genre and easy to read too! 

Check out my list of recommended Christian fantasy authors- HERE

Become Familiar with Authors

There are so many Christian authors that are out there now. If you are afraid of the book being too preachy there are authors that are more subtle in their message. For example, authors that I would recommend would be Julie Klassen, Regina Jennings, Tracie Peterson, Jocelyn Green, Jane Kirkpatrick, and Kim Vogel Sawyer. Of course, there are many more- but these authors I find are more subtle in their message. 

Don't Feel Like You Have To Read The Classics

And that goes to this tip- is that it's ok to not want to read certain big-time Christian books. While there are some great books by the likes of Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury, and Beverly Lewis, there are so many other great books by smaller authors- that are just as good! As with the mainstream classics - i.e. Pride & Prejudice, Moby Dick, Great Expectations, etc. - it's ok if you don't want to read Christian classics! 

Understand That it's OK If You Don't Like the Genre

If you do start reading Christian fiction - in any genre and you find that over time, you just can't get into the genre- know that is OK! I certainly don't like every genre out there. Read what you like and are comfortable with. That is what reading is all about! 


Do you like reading Christian fiction? What tips do you have for Christian fiction beginners?

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