Five Recommended Authors of Christian Suspense/Mystery

5 Recommended Authors of Christian suspense mystery

Christian suspense is basically a good mystery without all the violence, sex, and bad language. However, there are some authors that are more forward or violent but I wouldn't say it's like an R rated movie. Also, I find a lot of the book covers don't look Christian. This is great for those looking to tiptoe into Christian Suspense. The books look more approachable. 

For those looking for more of a clean mystery, that truly focuses on the mystery - these authors might be right up your alley! 

Terri Blackstock

Terri has been writing books since she was 25 years old. Terri hasn't always been a Christian suspense author. In 1994 she was writing for HarperCollins and writing mainstream suspense/romance. However, after reannouncing her faith in Christ she took a different direction. Since then she has won numerous awards including two Carole awards and Christian retailers choice awards. She has also appeared on 700 Club and Home Life. Her main objective is to remind readers that God is always there, and each trial has a purpose. 

Recommended Books:

Colleen Coble

Colleen is a romantic suspense author and has sold over 4 million copies. She has won numerous awards including ACFW Carole Award. Colleen is also the CEO of American Christian Fiction Writers. She is one busy lady for sure! One thing I love about Colleen's books is her covers. She always has gorgeous covers! 

Recommended Books:

Ted Dekker

I think when everyone thinks of Christian Suspense, they think of Ted Dekker. He is probably one of the most popular of this sub-genre. Ted definitely has an interesting journey in his professional life. Ted was born to missionaries in Indonesia. Because his parents were always busy, he always was out exploring and imagining. When he moved to the US as an adult he tried the corporate world. However, shortly after he left that world and started his own business. Not only till a few years into the business that he started writing his first novel. Since then he has been writing. And some of his books have been turned into movies! 

*Some of these books are more violent than the typical Christian Suspense. 

Recommended Books: 

Dee Henderson

Dee is an inspirational romantic suspense author. She is relatively new on the scene with 14 novels. And she has already won a few awards! What I found interesting is that Dee is not that active on social media- yet is very successful with her novels. I love to see when authors use non-traditional methods in advertising their books. It inspires future authors! 

Recommended Books: 

Dani Pettrey

Dani has such a fun personality and it shines on her website. Her books are filled with adventure, romance, and suspense. Her books are just plain fun to read! She is active in social media and enjoys connecting with her readers. On her website, just by subscribing to her newsletter you get free quote prints! If you love adventure filled suspense - you will love her books! 

Recommended Books:


Do you read Christian Suspense? If so share your favorite books and authors in the comments! 

I hope this helped you find some new books to read! 

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