Where To Purchase Christian Fiction Books For Less

where to Purchase Christian Books For Less

Books should be available to everyone, regardless of their budget. It's sad when children (even adults!) can't read a book because their parents can't afford to purchase them a book or there isn't a library nearby for them to walk to. 

Books are expensive. And not everyone can afford to purchase books at full price. For those that are looking to purchase books, specifically Christian books on a budget, there are some great stores out there! 

I have comprised a list of stores both online and in store that will help you find Christian books for less! 


Book Bub 

Book Bub is a place where you get personalized recommendations on eBooks that are for free or discounted for that specific day. When I subscribed I was skeptical if there was going to be a lot of recommendations for Christian fiction. I was pleasantly surprised when I received plenty of recommendations- and many of them were for free! 

Christian Book

I purchase a lot of my books here. They are an online only store. I think that is what keeps the cost of the books low. They often have $5 and 99 cent sales. Not only do they sell Christian fiction but they also have a wide variety of Bibles, music, toys, gifts, home decor, and more! Their customer service is amazing and the shipping is fast. The only downside is that they don't offer free shipping and it increases in price as you add more to your cart. However, they do offer free shipping deals every so often- so subscribe to their newsletter! 

Thrift Books

Thrift Books sells over 7 million used books. They also sell rare books. There are so many books on this website, and most of them are under $5! Subscribe to their customer reading rewards program where you will get $5 off for every $50 spent. And if a friend signs up you also get 20% off your next order! 

Better World Books

Better World Books is similar Thrift Books. They exclusively sell used books. Most of them are under $5! What is awesome about this site is that it's free shipping no matter the purchase price. So you can buy one book- and get free shipping. But most of all what's really neat is that they donate books to those in need that can't afford books. And by selling used books they have saved so many trees! 

Christian Supply

Christian Supply is a locally owned Christian bookstore in South Carolina. It's a family run store - so if that is something important to you - then I would check this store out! They sell both online and in their local store in Spartanburg, SC. They don't have the best of deals, but I know some people who will spend more for businesses like Christian Supply. 


I know this is a little obvious. However, Amazon is a great place to purchase books for less. And if you have a Prime membership you get the book(s) in 2 days. If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can get free eBooks. There aren't too many Christian books in the Kindle Unlimited selection but it doesn't hurt to take a look. The downside is that you can't keep the book- you are borrowing the book for the price you pay for the service each month. 



This app is available both for Android and iOS devices. This is where you can "check out" eBooks from your local library. I have heard both the good and the bad about this app. For newly released books, I have heard people waiting up to a year to be able to read it. So it does have its downsides. However, this is great for those that live in a small town and live far away from the library. 

In Store

Barnes & Noble 

Barnes & Noble sells the books at the full price in the store but online it's cheaper (I am not sure why). Also, if you subscribe to their membership program you get coupons in the mail. It's $25 a year. So, to make the price of the membership worth it, you should be spending about $200 a year on books. I think I have that beat! 


Lifeway is a Christian store. I find them to be similar to Christian Book - but in a physical store version. They do price match! So if you find that the Bible is cheaper on Amazon or another similar retailer they will match that price. They often have Christian fiction book sales in store as well. If you are not already a customer, ask the store cashier how to get coupons in the mail. They send coupons in the mail a couple times a month! 

2nd & Charles

This is a retail store only. So I am sorry if this store isn't near you! it's basically a used bookstore. What I like about this store- is that a lot of the books looked almost brand new! And they were at a good price! I did check out the Christian fiction section and there were a good couple bookshelves filled with books. So it's worth checking out! 

And of course, you have the....LIBRARY! 

That goes without saying. A Library is truly a magical place. I still love going to the library - even if it's just to read! And it's really a great place for those that can't afford books to be able to read for free continuously. 


I hope this has helped you find places to purchase Christian books for less! Where do you find good book deals? Share in the comments! 

the caffeinated bibliophile