Book Review: A Borrowed Dream by Amanda Cabot

a borrowed dream amanda cabot book review

The synopsis on the back of the book: 

Catherine Whitfield is sure that she will never again be able to trust anyone in the medical profession after the town doctor's excessive bleeding treatments killed her mother. Despite her loneliness and her broken heart, she carries bravely on as Cimarron Creek's dutiful schoolteacher, resigned to a life without love or family, a life where dreams rarely come true.

Austin Goddard is a newcomer to Cimarron Creek. Posing as a rancher, he fled to Texas to protect his daughter from a dangerous criminal. He's managed to keep his past as a surgeon a secret. But when Catherine Whitfield captures his heart, he wonders how long he will be able to keep up the charade.

  • Genre: Christian Historical Fiction
  • Published: 4/20/2018
  • Pages: 332
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.22 Stars
A Borrowed Dream Amanda Cabot book review
We know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.
— Romans 8:28

Why I Chose This Book

If you remember my previous book review on No One Ever Asked, it was definitely an emotional read. I needed something more light this time. I picked out this book that is on my TBR shelf. 

First Initial Thoughts

Catherine is a school teacher in the town of Cimarron Creek. She had dreams of going to Europe for the longest time. She was to go to Europe with her mother the previous year, but her mother passed away and she soon lost hope. She also broke up with Nate, a boy she thought she was going to marry. What I liked about Catherine, despite all that has happened, she was still always positive and looked out for the good in people. She always lent out a hand and helped those in need. I also felt that she was meant to do more than just teach children at the school. 

Catherine's best friend Lydia owned the candy store in Cimarron Creek. I always loved their interactions and looked forward to learning more about her candy store. 

Austin was such a gentleman right from the start. He was very devoted to his daughter, Hannah, and would do anything to keep her safe. They both moved to Cimarron Creek to flee criminals that are out for him back in Philadelphia. I teared up when he told the story of his deceased wife, Geraldine. It was so sad that no one tried to help her. However, during that time, severe depression was not well understood or treated properly. 


I absolutely loved Cimarron Creek! Amanda did a wonderful job in bringing the town to life. It's definitely a town I wouldn't mind living in. I definitely wouldn't mind going to the sweet shop owned by Lydia every so often. ;) 

But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.
— Lamentations 3:21-23

Final Thoughts

First off, this book was filled with food. It made me so hungry for sweets and home cooked meals. It made me miss my mom's homemade cooking! 

The two main children characters in the story were just adorable. Hannah she was so sweet and attached to Catherine right away. Seth, my heart felt for him. His father was so cruel to him and I am glad Catherine and Austin were there for him. He needed someone to save him. 

Although from the start, the storyline was kind of predictable, I really liked that the story had it's own twists and turns. What I liked about the story, is that it tackled real-life issues. For example, in the story, there were mental health issues, child abuse issues, and secrets among family members. 

Catherine and Austin's romance was very sweet. I liked that they were friends in the beginning but their feelings grew to more as the story went on. The way they thought about each other when they were separated was just so adorable! It reminded me of when I was first dating my husband, I remember being so excited to talk to him every day and always thought about him when we were apart. 

I also learned a lot about plastic surgery during that time. I had no idea it was that advanced at that time (the late 1800s). I knew that plastic surgery has been around 1000s of years but it was not given an official name till the 19th century. What I didn't know is that it was popularly practiced during that time. 

The only gripe I had about the story was the criminal in the story. I won't give anything away, but I felt like the reason he was trying to find Austin was kind of silly. But overall, the story itself made up for it! 

Would I Recommend? 

Yes, definitely. I think this would a good book when you need a pick me up. It's such a sweet romantic and fun story! 


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