Bible Journaling: How to Find The Right One For You!

Bible Journaling - Finding The Right One For You

Today I am talking about Bible Journaling. This topic has been requested by a few readers! Check out my previous article about Bibles, and how to find the right one for you. I highly recommend that you read that one first if you haven't already. 

Bible Journaling has become quite popular in the last few years. It is a fun way for people to express their artistic abilities while reading the word of God. It is a way to write, draw, color, or paint out your thoughts on a particular scripture. I absolutely love Bible Journaling. It's a way for me to immerse in the word of God while being creative. It's also almost in a way, therapeutic. 

Since the rising popularity of Bible Journaling, there are additional accessories to obtain. Such as stickers, rubber stamps, washi tape, decorative paper clips, acrylic paint, colored pencils, and so much more! However, note that you don't have to purchase all these accessories to journal in your Bible. All you really need is a pen and highlighter!

I do have to express though, that Bible Journaling is not for everyone. Some would rather keep a personal journal or diary and just use that separate from their Bible. And there are people who simply just don't really enjoy coloring or drawing. And that is OK! We all express our love for the Lord in different ways. 

For those that do love Bible Journaling, I have suggested which ones to look out for depending on your artistic preference: 

For The Artistic

You have seen those images on Pinterest or Instagram - those beautifully painted/colored Bible pages. Such beautiful and creative talent! Those that can paint or draw prefer to have blank space to have the freedom to create those beautiful images. 

For The Not So Artistic

I can't draw. Really, the best I can draw is stick figures and basic shapes. If I try anything else - it looks like a 5-year-old drew it. ^_^ 

Don't fret, if you are like me, there are Bibles out there that have verses and pages for you to already color in! I have the NIV Coloring Bible below, and I have featured it a few times on my Instagram. I highly recommend this Bible if you are not artistic! The Inspire Bible is also quite popular and very similar. 

For the Writer/Journalist

For those that don't really like to draw, color or paint and just prefer to write - there are Bibles just for you. There are Bibles that just have lines on the side of the page. No frills, color, and all that extra jazz- just simple and straightforward. 

*From left to right: ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, NIV- Journal the Word Bible, The One Year Bible. Just click on the title to purchase if interested! 

Where Can I Purchase Journaling Bibles? 

  • Amazon
  • Lifeway Christian Stores
  • Barnes & Noble


I hope this has helped you find the right journaling Bible for you! Do you have a Bible journal? If so, which one(s) do you have? Share in the comments! 

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