Christian Fiction Books To Read This Summer of 2018

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This weekend for those that are in the U.S. it's Memorial Day Weekend. It is the weekend that kicks off the summer season. Summer is the perfect season to go outside and read. 

This summer there are so many good books coming out I can't contain my excitement. Many of these books will be featured here either on the blog or my Instagram so stay tuned! 

I have broken down what is coming out by month so you can make a TBR list for this summer. If I included the descriptions of each book, this post would be a mile long so I have linked each book to Amazon so that you can read the synopsis and pre-order if you desire to.



Whew, that is a long list of books! I hope you found some good books to read this summer. Have fun reading! And enjoy the summer weather! 

What books did you put on your TBR? 

the caffeinated bibliophile