Taste of Tea June Subscription Box Review

taste of tea june subscription box review

I love tea or any caffeinated drink that is. As I am sure you can guess from the title of this blog. Tea and books just go hand in hand! Taste of Tea reached out to me to review their subscription box. I am so excited to go over their box and introduce you to their teas. I also have given a few suggestions on what books to pair with each drink! 

So what is Taste of Tea all about? Taste of Tea brings you 4 different teas each month from all around the world. And not just any tea as well. They only source the best with all natural ingredients. Each shipment comes with 60 grams of tea or about 25 cups of tea. 


  • Starts at: $15
  • Ships on: The 10th of every month. Cutoff Date for next month delivery is 2 business days before the last day of the month. 
  • They also do have an online shop so if you like one of their teas you can buy it again! 

Here are the teas included in this month's shipment

Jasmine W/Flowers. This is a tea mixed with Green and Jasmine tea. 

This tea definitely has a green tea flavor to it but with a hint of floral (probably coming from the Jasmine). I really enjoyed this one. It would be perfect for a morning or afternoon tea. This was my second favorite! 

I think this tea would suit a mystery or fantasy book well! Recommended Books: 

Provence Rooibos. A blend of lavender, rose, and different kinds of berries. 

This tea was very sweet with hints of floral notes. I found this tea to be strong- so if you are new to tea, this might not be the right choice at first. I did really enjoy it, however. 

I think this tea would suit a romance book perfectly! Recommended Books: 

Serenity Herbal. This is a blend of mint, spearmint leaves, rose, ginger, and other herbs. This tea has a very calming effect. 

This tea was very minty and fresh. It has a soothing and calming effect as well. This tea is perfect for the evening. This was probably my favorite out of the four! 

I think any kind of redeeming story would suit this tea wonderfully. Recommended Books: 

Very Berry Herb and Fruit. A tea deep with berry notes infused with notes of burgundy. This tea has a good strength to it. 

This is the only tea that I didn't like. I am not a big fruity tea kind of person. Which is odd because I love fruit! I just found this to be too sweet and fruity for my taste. However, those that like this kind of tea will love it- and it's perfect for fall! 

Therefore, I think any Biblical story or book with a strong female lead would pair perfectly! Recommended Books: 

taste of tea june subscription box



I really like this subscription. It has a wide variety of teas in the box so you can try new flavors every month. The box is shipped and packaged nicely. Nothing was spilled or spoiled. You will need to have some kind of tea container as the tea comes in plastic bags that wouldn't keep it fresh for too long. The value is great too- you get 25 cups of tea for $15. That averages out to be 1.70 per cup. Which isn't too bad! 


I hope you found that helpful and are interested in purchasing their box. 

You can subscribe to their box ---> HERE

Are you also a tea lover? If so share your favorite kinds in the comments! 

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