5 Benefits of Reading Books

5 Reasons To Read More

Last year, I wrote an article on how to read more books. Which now has become one of my top read posts. So this year, I am providing 5 reasons why you should be reading books - more often and hopefully once a day.

Most people often set resolutions to do things more - cook healthy meals at home, exercise more, budget and spend less, etc. Often, these resolutions are forgotten by the end of January. I think one of the top ways to keep a resolution is to have a why. We need to know why we are setting that resolution. Having a why and reason behind our resolution will keep us from failing.

Therefore, if you have a resolution to read more this year, here are 5 reasons why reading is beneficial!:

It’s Good For The Brain

Alzheimer’s and Dementia are on the rise- more so than ever.

Reading is good for the brain. Reading daily has shown that the risk of getting Alzheimer’s and Dementia lowers. Reading engages your brain and keeps it active - thus lowering the risk of getting those diseases. We need to keep our brains healthy and strong!

Also reading more enables stronger analytical thinking skills. Whenever I read a murder mystery novel sometimes I can guess who did it before it even was revealed. This was due to reading consistently because I was able to put critical and analytical thinking to my reading. Having better analytical thinking skills will help in other areas of your life - such as work, driving, shopping, etc.


Did you know that it only takes six minutes of reading to ease muscle tension and lower heart rate? Yep- according to the University of Sussex. I definitely can attest to feeling better after reading in the evening. I feel more relaxed, rejuvenated, and less stressed out. I can also say it helps me sleep better and fall asleep faster.

What’s even more awesome is that researchers have now shown that reading just 30 minutes daily can add two years to your life! (University of Michigan’s Health and Retirement Study).

You Learn a Thing or Two

Whenever I read historical fiction I do learn a thing or two about history. Even though it is a fictional story many of these authors do research tremendously on that historical era. It’s always interesting to learn more about the past but also we can learn from their mistakes and triumphs.

Knowledge is everything - and can never be taken away from you.

Better Writing Skills

When reading you learn how to write better. How is that? When reading, you observe grammar, fluidity, and different writing styles. When you sit down and write your brain will remember those specific details you remembered from reading. I have definitely noticed that I write better when I read consistently. I may not be the queen at grammar but I have noticed a difference.

Free Entertainment!

Well, not entirely free - unless you only go to the library. Reading a book is less expensive than going to the movies and even going to a concert. It transports you to another world all for probably less than $10, maybe even for free! I often forget that reading is a form of entertainment, but it’s the best entertainment you can get!

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Why do you like reading books and in what ways have you noticed reading change your life?

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