Book Review: Her Hope Discovered by Cynthia Herron

her hope discovered

Is the sure thing worth risking for the possibility of maybe?

Charla Winthrop, a savvy business woman seeking a permanent lifestyle change in small-town Ruby, learns that things aren’t always what they appear when she takes up residence in a house steeped in charm and a hint of mystery. 
Rumor has it that Sam Packard the town carpenter is her go-to guy for home remodeling, but can Charla convince him to help her—with no strings attached, of course? 

Alone far too long, Sam’s prayed that God would send him a wife and a mother for his daughters. However, the new Ruby resident is hardly what he imagined. A new place to call “home,” the possibility of what might be, and the answer to someone’s prayers unite this unlikely pair with the help of the town’s residents.

Nestled in the Ozarks’ hills and hollows is Ruby, Missouri, a quaint, cozy town where “neighbor” is merely another word for “friend.” Ruby will charm and delight as will her quirky, lovable characters who will steal your heart, but hand it right back—with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Savor your new friends’ sorrows and successes in the community where offbeat is perfect and mishaps and mayhem never tasted so good.

  • Genre: Christian Contemporary

  • Published: 12/31/2018

  • Publisher: Mountain Brook Ink

  • Pages: 251

  • Goodreads Rating: 4.54 Stars

her hope discovered book review cynthia herron
For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die;...
— Ecclesiastes 3:1

Why I Chose This Book

I am part of the Just Reads review tour for this book. Since this is a romance novel, I thought it would be the perfect book to review for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

First Initial Thoughts

Charla is a young woman who sold everything and moved out to a small town in Missouri to start her life over. She worked a demanding high level corporate job that drained her emotionally and physically, and was invested in a relationship with a man who didn’t want to commit for the long run. She also grew up in a wealthy family who’s mother was quite demanding and forthright. She left to get away and find herself again. And the last thing she wanted to do was get involved in another relationship. Charla is that woman you aspire to be - wealthy, successful, but also kind and considerate.

Sam is a widow of three years with two little girls, Faith and Hope. He owns his own carpentry business and lives in the house next to Charla. His friend Horace believes it’s time for Sam to move on and start dating again. He things that Faith and Hope need a mom, especially at this point of their life. Speaking of Horace, he is that sweet old southern man that is filled with stories and wisdom. He was a good influence for Sam. Sam doesn’t know what to think about dating. He isn’t sure if he can let go of Angie, his former wife quite yet.


Ruby just sounds like one of those small towns that you would never get tired of. It also reminds you of how slow paced and friendly small towns are. It just seems like the idyllic place to set up a vacation home and enjoy some iced tea on the porch. Cynthia definitely made me miss that small town feel I grew up in!

Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord!
— Psalm 31:24

Final Thoughts

I absolutely adored the charming town of Ruby. It felt like you stepped back in time when people actually talked to you at the grocery store line, people waved at you as you drive down the street, and the waitress at the diner was friendly and sweet instead of rushed. I feel like we need to experience that more often!

Charla and Sam were so cute together. However, I do have one gripe. I thought they got together too quickly in my opinion. I think that there should have been more time lapse between Charla moving in the house and them getting together. Faith and Hope were so adorable - they were sweet on Charla right away. They always looked forward to her visits and I think Charla fell for them fast as well.

Each character I think represents a certain life lesson. Charla has a second chance at life and has to let God help her see where that will lead her. Sam has to learn how to be honest (you have to read the story to understand) in relationships but also be more trusting in God. Charla’s mother has to learn how to appreciate life more and realize that family is everything. I think we all go through these life lessons one point in our lives and that makes this book quite relatable.

Though this story was kind of predictable I thoroughly enjoyed this story and the characters. I also could see this being adapted into a Hallmark movie! This story would be perfect for that channel.

Would I Recommend?

Yes most definitely. I think this book would be perfect to read on the back porch with some sweet iced tea. It’s one of those feel good books you will just adore!

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Please Note: I was provided a ebook copy of this book from the publisher to review. All opinions are my own.