5 Tips on How To Read Faster

How to read faster

For those that love to read - some may take their time to savor every word they read. While others like to speed through a book so they can get into the next book faster.

Some people may feel nervous around reading a book faster because they may not understand the whole story. However, it can be done. Whether you need to read a book by a certain deadline or you have a certain reading goal here are 5 tips on reading faster:

Stop Reading In Your Head

Raise your hand if you read every word you read in your head? Yep, I am guilty of this too. And honestly, this is how I still read to this day. It is how I best understand a story. However, if you would like to start reading faster, it’s best not to actually read the words to yourself. So how do you actually not do this? Be mindful when you start doing it - and then consciously stop. You can also use your finger to read instead if that helps.

Skim The Words

We all have heard that this is what CEO and Entrepreneur’s do to read so many books in a year. Skimming a book is probably the most easiest to do out of all these tips. Skimming refers to only looking for the general or main ideas. Such as reading only the first few sentences in each paragraph. You can also scan the chapter. For example, just scan through the words looking for important information that you would need to know. By doing this alone will greatly speed up the process of reading a book.

Read Phrases

Reading phrases or specific words in a paragraph will greatly speed up the reading process. What does this exactly mean? You only read a certain amount of words in a paragraph to get a gist of what that paragraph was about. It is similar to scanning for example but slightly different.

Here is a good example:

The frog went up the tree quickly and eat some flies. Then he went down the tree and took a nap.

To read this sentence quickly - we will take the words: frog, tree, quickly, flies, nap.

From these words we can understand that the frog went up the tree quickly, eat flies, and then took a nap. And that is what the sentence is basically about.

Focus & Concentration

When you need to read fast, it’s important to be in a position that you can truly focus. That means no background noise, no distractions, and just pure concentration on that book. When there are distractions, it’s easy to stray from that book. Try reading at a time of day where you will less likely be distracted. And remember that you don’t need to read for a certain amount of time - just practicing reading faster for 20 minutes a day can help tremendously.

Write A Summary

If you are really focused on reading faster for whatever reason, try this tip. Write a summery of what you just read. It doesn’t need to be a page long or something crazy like that. Just a few sentences to summarize the story. This will help with the comprehension. This is also a great test. If you find that after reading fast for 20 minutes and you have no idea of what you just read- then it’s a sign that you may need to slow down or practice more.

This is also a great tip for kids (and even adults!) on reading comprehension. I use to have reading comprehension issues as a kid and this helped me tremendously on understanding what I was reading.

I hope these tips have helped you read faster! I think also the best tip out there as well is just to read more! When you continuously read, you get better at it. Therefore, you will notice that you start to read books faster. As they say, practice makes perfect.

Also, please be mindful that it’s OK if you read slow! Take the time you need to read that entire book. Some people have learning disabilities or reading comprehension issues and that is totally OK. Never read fast until you feel comfortable to do so.

Do you read your books fast or do you take your time? Share your tips below on reading faster!

the caffeinated bibliophile