Book Review: A Love For Lizzie by Tracey J Lyons

a love for lizzie tracey j lyons book review


Childhood friends joined by a painful past…
Can love blossom between them?

After her father falls ill, Lizzie Miller and her family desperately need help to keep the farm going during harvesttime. Neighbor Paul Burkholder is eager to lend a hand—and to court Lizzie. But Paul has a secret that he fears could push Lizzie away. Can they finally heal from a tragedy in their pasts…and open their hearts to each other?

  • Genre: Amish Fiction

  • Publisher: Love Inspired

  • Published: 7/2019

  • Pages: 224

  • Goodreads Rating: 4.25

Heidi’s Rating

5 Stars

Suggested Drink Pairings

Tea: Homemade Iced Tea

Coffee: Black Coffee with cream and sugar

Why I Chose This Book

I was opted to review this book through Justread tours. Love Inspired books remind me of Hallmark movies. They are just feel good books that make you smile. I am always up for that kind of book!

First Initial Thoughts

Lizzie is a young woman living with her family when her father suddenly falls ill. Their farm is falling apart and loosing money. Lizzie secretly paints paintings ever since her brother’s death. She has never gotten over her brother’s death thinking it was slightly her fault. She carries a scar on her face and is afraid that no one will want her because of her disfigurement.

Paul is a young man that secretly has a huge crush on Lizzie. When Lizzie’s father falls ill he immediately helps out on the farm with whatever they need. He also has dreams of building his own furniture business and working with his hands - what he has always wanted to do. Despite the disapproval of his father. I liked Paul. I found him to be forward thinking. He was always there for Lizzie and I admired that about him.


Most of us are familiar with Amish living. Tracey made us feel like we were living the simple life along Lizzie with a few modern touches. I also liked that Tracey included non Amish neighbors in this book. Most people think of Amish living together in one big community but it is becoming more common to have the Amish live with non-Amish in the same neighborhood.

Final Thoughts

I really liked that Tracey touched on the self doubt of talent. Lizzie did have moments of doubt that anyone would really want to purchase her art or find it attractive. I went through a similar phase when I started my photography. I thought no one would really be interested in my artwork and I would just fade into the sea of the other photographers. While in the back of my mind I knew my photography was good and different from the rest I had the fear of putting myself out there. And I think that is what Lizzie was facing as well.

I also liked that Tracey touched on the need to please those around you by doing what they want you to do. Lizzie wanted to sell her artwork to save her families farm but also wanted to do what her parents wanted to do. Marry someone that would help build her families farm. However, that is not what God has planned for her life and I like that she stood up for herself and her goals in life. It is rare to see this in Amish communities so I appreciated this.

Lizzie and Paul were sweet. I really enjoyed watching their relationship develop. It was sweet and tender and made me smile. Paul I think help Lizzie heal from her past and realize her God given talents. While Lizzie inspired and encouraged Paul to start the business he always wanted to.

Overall, this was a really sweet romance that just made me smile throughout!

Would I Recommend?

Yes! This is a book that anyone can read in one afternoon so it’s a great weekend read at the beach or on vacation. Perfect book to read to life your mood.

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Please Note: I was sent a copy of this book to review from the publisher. All opinions are my own.