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until the mountains fall connilyn cossette book review


Recently widowed, Rivkah refuses to submit to the Torah law compelling her to marry her husband's brother and instead flees Kedesh, hoping to use her talents as a scribe to support herself. Without the protections of her father, Kedesh's head priest, and the safety of the city of refuge, Rivkah soon discovers that the cost of recklessness is her own freedom.

Malakhi has secretly loved Rivkah for years, but he never imagined his older brother's death would mean wedding her himself. After her disappearance, he throws himself into the ongoing fight against the Canaanites instead of dwelling on all he has lost. But with impending war looming over Israel, Rivkah's father comes to Malakhi with an impossible request.

As the enemies that Rivkah and Malakhi face from without and within Israel grow more threatening each day, is it too late for the restoration their wounded souls seek?

  • Genre: Biblical Fiction

  • Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

  • Published: 7/2/2019

  • Pages: 352

  • Goodreads Rating: 4.73

Heidi’s Rating

5 Stars

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The mountains will fall to dust before I will ever give up on my daughter.
— Amitai

Why I Chose This Book

I am part of Connilyn’s launch team and therefore I had the chance to review her latest book in the Cities of Refuge series. So of course I took the chance!

First Initial Thoughts

First off, it was so nice to come back to the city of Kedesh and catch up on all the characters from the previous two books. It just made my heart swoon with all the news. Love book family reunions!

Rivkah was a little girl in the previous book, Shelter of the Most High. Now 5 years has passed since the last book and she is now a young woman. Recently widowed to Gidal, son of Moriyah, due to Jewish law she is to marry Gidal’s brother Malakhi. Malakhi use to torment and tease Rivkah as a young girl and Rivkah does not want the marriage to happen. She goes to any length for this marriage to not happen. When all else fails she flees with Nessa, a girl she recently met to Leish. I thought Rivkah to be a naive and selfish girl in the beginning but I held out for her. She was young, stupid, and we all do stupid things when we are young.

Malakhi is just 16 years old when he is betrothed to Rivkah. He is just a boy. However, he has held a secret torch for Rivkah for many years. He teased Rivkah as a young boy because he held a secret crush against her. When he became betrothed to Rivkah he was enthralled and enamored. He was ready to take care of Rivkah and be her husband. However, when she flees Kedesh he is devastated and his heart is shattered. At 16, do we know what love really means? I found him to be a naive boy in an unrequited love. And honestly, I think he had some growing up to do first.


But still she fled, leaving me battered and bleeding among the remnants of my brother’s life, each of her parting footfalls another blow to the dream I’d not deserved, but had foolishly dared to hope for.
— Malakhi

Final Thoughts

Five years have passed since Rivkah has fled Kedesh and the marriage with Malakhi. She is now a slave in Edrei working as a scribe. A skill she acquired as a youth and is very good at. Her master, Samil created a 7 year contract with her and has no intention of letting her go as she is very valuable to him.

Malakhi is ordered by Rivkah’s father to bring her home. I found it interesting that they found her within weeks when I am sure it was much harder to find someone back in that time period. They must have had good old fashioned investigative skills! There, Malakhi becomes Samil’s head construction worker to help her escape the city. However, Rivkah does not want to leave Edrei because she thinks it’s impossible due to her contract and relationship with Samil.

As the weeks progress their relationship deepens and I think honestly, that is what they needed. They both needed to grow up and mature a little, and be apart to see the real truth behind their relationship. Malakhi, just swoon. He waited for Rivkah to return to Kedesh and never pledged himself to another after she left. Now that is true love!

For being the third book in the series, this was just as good if not better than the last two books. I absolutely adored the love between Rivkah and Malakhi. I was rooting for them the whole way!

Rivkah really grew up in this series. I think at the time of her betrothal she was deeply depressed due to her mother’s death and not to mention her late husband. It was probably too much for her to bare. So I could see why she fled- she needed time to heal and grieve. Also, she did certain acts later in the story that really stood out to me and made me admire her.

I also enjoyed getting to know all the new characters in the series. There are some relationships in the book that just made me smile - and a few surprises along the way (no spoilers!). I am excited to see if they reappear in the next book in the series and catch up to where they have been.

Would I Recommend?

Yes! Fans of this series will absolutely adore the third installment. Also, I think any Biblical fiction fan will enjoy this book.

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Please Note: I am part of Connilyn’s launch team for this book. Therefore I was sent a copy of the book from the publisher to review. All opinions are my own.